Test Chapter

*Freddie twirls his bat like a baton with a bored expression on his face*

Freddie: I'm bored. I can't wait until our guild papers are varified.

*He studies his bat, then runs his thumb along the lenght of it. He smiles.*

Freddie: You know what would be really cool? If i got some nails or barbed wire- ooh or both! That would be brutal. I could do some real damage then! What do you think?

Nhil: You could fight that way,

*They make a gesture with their hand, forming aether into the physical, a dagger appearing in their hand.Once they are able to grasp it, they airily wield it, showing off their blade with a wry smirk*

Nhil: There we go!

*Nhil draws their arm back, and gives it a good hard throw to the wall. ,The dagger sticks in, leaving a deep cut before it poofs away in a cloud of ,greyish blue vapor*


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